Colin Farish – The House Dog's Grave (Haig, An English Bulldog)

An utterly endearing elegiac poem by Robinson Jeffers told from a house dog’s perspective. Colin Farish inhabits the part with his sweet singing, warm acoustic guitar playing. Cello and oboe round out the arrangement making this an instant classic. If you love dog’s you may want to have a handkerchief ready!

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Colin Farish is a composer and pianist fluent in many diverse musical languages. The wide scope of his influences are represented in his forty album discography of original music; including sixteen ensemble recordings, ten albums of his solo piano compositions, three albums of jazz standards and two musicals. For fifteen years Colin owned and operated Stillwater Sound recording studios. For eight of those years his studio was located in the Presidio Chapel of San Francisco where he recorded numerous CDs and produced dozens of concert events.

Farish is currently planning a suite of solo piano concerts in 2016 in support of his latest double album, Fantasies, Etudes, Nocturnes and Waltzes. “Solo piano allows me to connect intimately with an audience and share the deep listening experience that so inspires me musically and creatively.” Although Mr. Farish has had countless instrumental and vocalist collaborators over the years, (many of them Grammy award winning artists), composing and writing is closest to his heart.

He toured the West coast and Hawaii extensively from age three to nine, performing solo and accompanying his father, a classically trained baritone. Growing up surrounded by performers, his love for improvisational jazz and the structural complexity of classical music informed his pursuit for innovative musical expression. At eighteen he moved to India for a period of total immersion in the music and culture of the East. “Absorbing the profoundly beautiful and sophisticated rhythms and melodies of Indian music, and learning to appreciate the healing and spiritual dimension of spontaneous music creation, encouraged me to develop a more integrated approach to my playing and writing.”

Farish’s voracious muse has engendered a baffling array of projects. From award winning documentary films (Gifts of Grief, Bringing Creation Back Together, The Salt Song Trail), dance performances (Ocean), compositions for both small and large ensembles (Chanticleer, Worn Chamber, SoVoSo), orchestral and symphonic commissions (Aga Khan’s North American Celebration), jazz trio, quartet and solo piano and piano duet recordings (Grammy winners Paul McCandless, Airto Moreira, Glen Velez, David Darling, Rachel Bagby, John Carlos Perea, Ustad Sulthan Khan, Throat Singers From Tuva, Grammy nominee Weber Iago), Farish works in multiple genres, formats, and styles.


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  • It's a lovely effort. Lovely… But, somehow, I think the music and the rushed phrasing removes much of the space for emotion. I just think this is one of the most perfect poems ever written, and it needs to stand by itself, unadorned, unembellished, to allow the reader or listener the space to bring their own sorrow to its absorbent architecture. I think Jeffers' poems already have their own music, their own ebb and flow, that can only be diminished by forcing into the rigid form and structure of song. A courageous attempt, though. I can understand the desire.

    Crowharp May 26, 2020 5:11 pm Reply
  • Jeffers felt some feels.

    Andrew Bloom May 26, 2020 5:11 pm Reply

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